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Welcome to - an information resource designed to support more effective use of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Asset Performance Management (APM) Systems.

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System is designed to manage maintenance transactions the same way an Accounting Information Management System manages financial transactions. In the case of maintenance, the transactions are work orders instead of invoices. Inventory is the maintenance work backlog and spare parts instead of the raw material used in manufacturing.

Return on investment for CMMS

Accurate information is critical to making decisions that ensure the reliable operation of equipment. Developing strategies and tactics for ensuring equipment function can be made easier with accurate maintenance transaction history details. Summary reports allow maintenance managers to spot “bad actors”; the “critical few” trouble spots that are causing the greatest problems. Typically 80% of your critical problems come from just 20% of your systems. Planning and scheduling jobs can also be more effective with a fully functional CMMS/EAM. Although creating a proactive maintenance culture is possible without a functional CMMS/EAM, it is very rare.

57% of's CMMS Best Practices survey responses reported that the CMMS/EAM implantation failed to generate the anticipated return on investment (ROI). Only 20% characterized their CMMS/EAM implementation as successful.

The information we provide at is intended to make sure you generate ROI for your software investments.

SAP EAM/Plant Maintenance Best Practices Study

SAP Report


In order to gain a better and deeper understanding of the use of SAP PM as a profitability partner, surveyed 700 maintenance managers and reliability professionals. This report will provide insight into the use of SAP PM by those surveyed as well as providing suggestions for further improvement and increased value, not simply for the maintenance organization but for the company as well.

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